Accreditation Standards

The North American Permaculture Standards Board™ (NAPSB™)  accredits permaculture design certification course providers (either instructors or institutions) as well as course graduates, where the course is certified by the certifying instructor to meet the following basic standards:

  • The course must discuss every chapter of the “Permaculture: A Designer’s Manual” book by Bill Mollison.
  • The certifying instructor must have previously completed a Permaculture Design Certification course that met the certification requirements as laid out by Bill Mollison and must agree to comply with the NAPSB™ Standards.
  • The minimum course length must be at least 72 hours, including design projects, hands-on components, and instructional site visits.
  • The course must include a design project as part of the certification.
  • The course must require at least 70% attendance for certification.
  • The course must be available to audit by any other accredited NAPSB™ course instructor.

Accreditation is provided to course providers whose programs meet the above standards, and must be renewed every two years.  Our process is self-enforced through audits by NAPSB™ members.  This is a voluntary accreditation program strictly intended to build additional trust in the marketplace.

Accreditation Benefits:

  • Marketing exposure for your course through our channels, including our course calendar which specifically highlights accredited courses.
  • Access to audit other NAPSB™-accredited courses, allowing instructors to deepen both their subject knowledge as well as teaching expertise.
  • Permission to use the “NAPSB™ Certified”™ logo in marketing accredited courses.
  • Access to member-only events and online resources.
  • Member-only discounts on related events and products.

The use of the above logos without written permission from the North American Permaculture Standards Board™ is strictly prohibited.