Become Accredited

The American Permaculture Association™ (APA) accreditation process is designed to create transparency within the marketplace through a simple and self-re-enforcing process:

  • The primary instructor or institution certifies that the course as meeting current APA standards and requirements, signing a legally-binding contract that licenses our trademarked accreditation logo for limited use in promoting their courses in exchange for adherence to our current standards.
  • As per the standards, the course automatically becomes available for other APA members to audit (the instructor/institution may pass through to the auditor their actual costs of such an audit).
  • We ensure that all accredited members provide high-quality customer service to their students by requiring that the member maintain a satisfactory rating with the Better Business Bureau, thus requiring the member to comply with the Better Business Bureau conflict resolution standards.

The APA accreditation process is beautiful in its basic simplicity by creating radical transparency in the marketplace.  Any APA member graduate or instructor may audit any other course, at-cost.  Our goal is that the auditing process ensures continued professional growth for APA instructors as well as course graduates.

As a private accreditation institution, the APA reserves the right to refuse or terminate any accreditation at our sole discretion.  We further reserve the right to change/adjust our future standards at our discretion, upon giving 30 days notice to current accredited licensees.

To begin the accreditation process, please contact us.